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Nothing beats the aroma of freshly made coffee, whether it’s the first cup in the morning to kick start your day or during a much-welcomed coffee break at work, coffee is an experience for all the senses.
As well as offering smaller coffee appliances such as the ECF01 and DCF02, Smeg also has a range of Built In coffee machines perfect for pairing with other Smeg built in appliances, so you can be your own barista and create café quality coffee in the comfort of your own home without losing any worktop space.
These bean-to-cup built in coffee machines have now been updated with a striking new colour 4.3” TFT full touch display, providing a modern aesthetic and better usability. Featuring colourful high-quality graphics depicting every drink option possible, the new display will really get your palate going. It is practical, intuitive and features multiple options including personalisation of drinks.
You can set up to 6 different user profiles each associated with a different icon, ideal for memorising each family members favourite beverage! In just a few seconds, you can select a drink personalised down to the smallest detail: the number of coffee beans to grind, the thickness of the foam, the amount of liquid and the temperature of the drink.

Enjoy a huge selection of different drinks, up to 13 in total, such as espresso, cappuccino, hot milk, white coffee, Americano at the touch of a button, perfect for entertaining. It is compatible with both coffee beans and ground coffee, to meet all tastes and requirements.
This coffee machine has fully adjustable length, temperature, intensity and coffee grinding capabilities. It can fit mugs up to 142mm high and with its height adjustable spout, can take a variety of cup sizes, from tall lattes to small flat whites. It can also create delicious foamy milk,perfect for topping off a cappuccino.
The stainless steel 0.5 litre thermal carafe keeps everything at the perfect temperature whilst the integrated cup warmer holder will gently warm up your cup, so it is at the perfect temperature ready for pouring.
Other features include 350g capacity coffee beans, 2.4 litre water tank, LED lights, 15 bar pressure, and Thermoblock heating system.
The Italian design of the new built-in coffee machines, available in the Dolce Stil Novo (CMS4604NR/NX), Linea (CMS4104S/N) and Classic (CMS4303X) range, offers clean and elegant lines, blending aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, in perfect Smeg style.(Linea & Classic coffee machines are expected December 2019 onwards)
Turn your kitchen into a professional coffee bar where you can enjoy your favourite drink at any time of the day or tailor drinks to suit your mood/tastes, with new Smeg built in coffee machines the choice is at your fingertips.