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Find out how to make homemade pasta using your Smeg stand mixer and pasta attachments


For many of us, the thought of making our own pasta from scratch can be extremely daunting but it can actually be quite simple with the help of the Smeg Stand mixer and Pasta attachments.
Our home economists have been busy testing how to make the perfect pasta using the stand mixer with these attachments and have shared a step by step guide below:

• To make the dough, use both the beater attachment and the dough hook. The beater attachment is excellent at combining ingredients such as egg and pasta flour.
• Use 1 egg and 100g of pasta flour per person.
Top tip: Add a small amount of water if the dough is a little tough.
• Then switch to the dough hook attachment to knead on a setting no higher than 3.
• Place the dough mixture in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to rest, then it will be ready to roll and cut!
• Remove the cap from the end of the stand mixer and connect the pasta roller attachment in place.
• Flatten the dough, coat in a little flour and take through the pasta roller on speed 1-3 and roller setting 0.
• Fold the dough over and repeat this process a couple of times.
• Increase the setting to number 1 and work up to setting number 5.
Top tip: If using a semolina flour mixture, it is possible to take the setting up to number 10, as it is a tougher dough.
• Swap the pasta roller attachment for a pasta cutter attachment. (TaglioliniSpaghettiFettuccine)
• Cut the pasta strips in half and coat them in flour before taking through the cutting attachment.
• Leave to dry for 20 minutes before cooking in boiling water.
Top tip: Alternatively, turn and shape the pasta into nests and freeze.

By using the pasta attachments on the Smeg Standmixer, as opposed to making it by hand, the whole process is quicker, simpler and allows you to make fresh, tasty pasta within minutes.
So now, more than ever, why not give homemade pasta a try.