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What's the secret to making the most of our small kitchen spaces?


Smeg understands that every kitchen is different which is why there is such a wide variety of aesthetics and appliance options to choose from. From the 50s Retro Style range, full of vibrant and exciting colours to the Victoria range, which captures the essence of a timeless classic design. There’s a product to suit every kitchen. Even if it’s compact, it can still pack a real punch.

If it’s well organised, practical and user-friendly, a compact kitchen can be a fantastic space. That is often thanks to clever storage ideas. Appliances can contribute to the consumption of kitchen space, be it freestanding appliances or built into units. From as small as 60cm wide, you can install a beautiful traditional Victoria Duel fuel 2 cavity cooker with a gas hob (featured above) without losing valuable worktop space.

Smeg creates appliances to make a statement and this can be easily achieved with a range cooker, chosen to match the scheme and aesthetic. Due to the breadth of the range, there’s a huge choice in aesthetic, format, fuel, colour and layout to suit all needs. There’s something to suit every style, every size and every kitchen.

You can also co-ordinate with a variety of other Smeg appliances in the kitchen too. Why not choose a Opera range cooker with a complementary 50s Retro Style kettle or even 50s Retro Style fridge nearby? The ranges compliment each other and offer the chance to show your personality in your home.

No longer is it considered important to have a large home in order to have a beautiful kitchen. A company who has achieved beautiful kitchens in small spaces are Huntsmore, who are an award-winning project management business. They specialise in the renovation and restoration of period homes in London and frequently use the smaller sized Smeg appliance to great effect.