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Ask anyone who owns a dishwasher and they will tell you that they can not imagine life without it, for there is nothing better than enjoying a well cooked meal, placing the empty crockery into the dishwasher out of sight, then with a click of a button everything is cleaned for you.
The dishwasher market has been growing rapidly over the years with approx. 49% of households in the UK now having a dishwasher in their home, however these appliances are still seen as a luxury item which some households believe they can do without.
What people often fail to realise is that purchasing the right dishwasher will give you great savings on your water bills, saving you money and helping the environment whist providing pristine results.
Did you know for example that by purchasing a Smeg full sized dishwasher you can save a whopping 34 baths worth of water per year vs hand washing!? Now that’s impressive! Did you also know that all Smeg dishwashers are cold water fill only, so you won’t lose hot water from your boiler as the water warms up inside the machine! They are also extremely hygienic as they can reach such high temperatures which are impossible to achieve by simply hand washing.

This year the Smeg dishwasher range has been completely renewed, so if you have never considered purchasing a Smeg dishwasher before, now is the time to give it some serious thought! Attention to detail and careful consideration has been taken in order to produce the best dishwasher range yet. Inside you can find a new visual aesthetic with many models featuring striking blue parts including handles and supports which highlight key changes within the machine.

Several improvements have been made throughout these new dishwashers, including the inner door. The new flatter inner door design has allowed for an increase in basket size by 2cm. In the centre of the inner door is a new improved detergent dispenser with a sliding lid for much easier access which can now house the largest sized tablets available on the market. The curve above the dispenser, allows water to be pushed through the dispenser much more effectively, ensuring total dispersion of the tablet, liquid or powder. The lower basket can also be pulled out with greater stability due to the improved shape of the grooves in the door.
The upper basket is now stronger, more linea in shape and its design has been improved to better accommodate a mixture of different sized cups, mugs and glasses for easier loading. Together with the Flexiduo basket above (on some models) this allows optimum use of the space.
Glasses are kept secure throughout the washing programme thanks to the new designed stem glass holders which have a minimum touch area, stopping any movement. These improvements also offer increased stability for tumblers, larger glasses and mugs.

The best possible wash results can now be achieved thanks to revised jets. These can be found on the upper and lower part of the centralised spray arm and the inner ducts of the upper spray arm. These allows a 20% increase in pressure so water passing through it produces a greatly improved wash performance. The addition of an inverter motor (on some models) adds piece of mind, as it is extremely durable, reliable and long lasting. It also reduces noise levels creating an altogether quieter appliance. Other features found in many models in the new range include; total aquastop, A+++ energy ratings, dry assist, adjustable upper baskets, flexiduo 3rd cutlery basket and 27 minute rapid wash cycle. 

Smeg dishwasher models are available in freestanding, integrated or semi integrated built in designs, full sized or slimline, in a choice of colours. 

Whether you are fed up of arguing over who’s turn it is to wash up, want to add extra value to your kitchen, or fancy upgrading your current appliance, Smeg dishwashers with their latest updates are well worth the investment and make the perfect addition to your home.