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Induction hobs are a popular choice for many reasons; their contemporary style integrates perfectly into any kitchen, they are faster than gas (taking just over a minute to heat a pint of water), and they offer great energy savings, to name but a few. Some new additions are being added to the ever-growing induction range; a 60cm multizone SI2M7643B, 90cm Flexi4zone SI1F7955B, Multizone SI2M7953D & reduced depth hob SIH7933B, all with a new aesthetic and some exciting features.

Each of these hobs boast new Intuitive slider controls with an elegant grey screen printing which is discrete, easy to use and quick to respond with a whopping 14 power levels to choose from, providing even greater precision and accurate temperature control. The angled edge appears just on the front of these hobs (as opposed to on all sides as you would traditionally find), providing a new elegant aesthetic and a perfect continuation of the worktop.

An exciting feature called auto vent can be used, a smart infrared system which allows you to automatically control a hood with Auto Vent via the hob. The two appliances will ‘talk’ to each other!

Once the power and temperature on the hob has been selected, the hood will automatically switch on the lights and regulate the fan speed as necessary, without the need to manually adjust it.

Four new Hoods, designed to work specifically with these hobs, will have the Auto Vent feature; a 60cm integrated KICGR52X, 90cm Angled Chimney KICV90BL, T-shaped Chimney KICT90BL, and Island KICTIS90BL hood (expected June/July 2018)

Always energy conscious, Smeg have created an ECO-heat function, which allows you to select one of the three residual heat indicators to continue cooking food or keep it warm. It also warns when the zone is still hot after being switched off, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind. There is also an ECO-off function, which works by shutting down the zone before the timer sounds, using the residual heat to continue cooking without wasting unnecessary energy.

The SI1F7955B has a Flexi4zone on the left which is divided into 4 sections and can be adjusted as required depending on your cooking needs. Three layouts can be achieved; two double zones, one triple zone and one single, or all 4 zones can be combined to create one large zone, so you can use multiple pans of various dimensions at the same time, providing greater flexibility. There is also the option on the Flexi4zone to use the Flexi-heatfunction, which divides the cooking area into three pre-set temperature zones. Place your pan on the front zone for high powered cooking, then carefully glide it backwards to the middle zones for a continuous medium heat, and then back towards the rear zones for low heat, ideal for keeping food warm.

These indispensable functions allow you to achieve the results of a professional chef in your own kitchen and provide a much more pleasurable, intuitive and all together easier way of cooking, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them!