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Launched in 2016, the beautiful SJF01 Smeg Slow Juicer continues to be well received thanks to its top functionality, health benefits and iconic design. The reviews are pouring in and they’re as juicy as we expected.

What did Which? say?

The team at Which? noted how beautiful the Slow Juicer is, transforming a kitchen into ‘something worthy of an interior design magazine’. Smeg designers spent a long time making sure this high-end juicer looked the best it could so it’s wonderful to be recognised for this.

The juicer’s ability to juice all-sorts of fruit and vegetables was also noted, important as it’s the appliance’s main job. During tests it extracted ‘plenty of juice that is smooth and froth-free’, perfect for those times when a good dose of health is needed to reboot the system. It was also mentioned how quietly it did its job; simply working away in the background while you get on with other tasks.

Thanks to Which? for this review and we look forward to the full review later this year.

What did Trusted Reviews say?

The team at Trusted Reviews have also trialled our Slow Juicer and were equally as impressed; in their own words, ‘embracing a new healthy lifestyle has never looked so stylish’. Awarding the product a fantastic 4.5 stars, they were surprised how quick the appliance operated, despite the term ‘slow’ in the product title. They also loved the build quality and styling, something we continue to be hugely proud of at Smeg across all of our products.

For the full review, visit the Trusted Reviews website here, where you’ll find pictures as well as a comprehensive overview.

What did T3 Magazine Say?

Reviewing the Smeg Slow Juicer in its ‘Pulp Fiction’ feature, the team at T3 got squeezing. They remarked on how quiet the appliance is and commented, ‘if you enjoy the ritual of slow juicing, Smeg’s slow juicer is the one for you’.

They also said, ‘This 43 rpm beauty managed all the fruits and veggies we fed it – the reverse function was handy for harder foods. Both juices came out velvety-smooth and bursting with flavour.’

The team were impressed with the high yield from raw to juice and liked the fact that two strainers were provided for a fine or coarse juice, dependent on the individuals taste.

T3 has also recently reviewed our new Espresso Coffee Machine; for the full review please click here.