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The fridge-freezer is a vital part of any kitchen, ensuring that your food is kept in peak condition for as long as possible. In today’s eco conscious world, more and more of us are trying to lower our food wastage so investing in a reliable high quality refrigerator to optimize freshness and reduce spoilage is very important.
With a plethora of refrigeration products already available, SMEG’s iconic FAB design is undoubtably the most recognisable, and with 6 different sizes to choose from SMEG has now decided to add a 7th size option to the lineup.

At 70cm wide, the new FAB38 sits nicely between the biggest FAB in the range the FAB50 (80cm width) and the traditionally sized FAB32 (60cm width). With a generous overall net capacity of 461 litres, (333 litre fridge and 128 litre freezer) - that’s the equivalent of 25 shopping bags! (based on 18L per bag), it is extremely spacious inside so keeping stocked up with oodles of fresh and frozen groceries is a breeze.

Extreme attention to detail has been taken throughout the interior, such as silver finishes on balcony doors, shelves, and drawers, delivering an extremely elegant aesthetic using high quality components. A digital electronic control panel provides accurate temperature monitoring whilst Bright LED light strips on either side of the fridge provide optimal illumination and total visibility of the interior, whilst being much more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional bulbs.

As well as 3 height adjustable glass safety shelves to store your food, a life plus 0°C drawer preserves any perishable foods for longer such as fish, cheese and meat, at a controlled temperature of 0°C. A vegetable drawer with its own humidity controller is also included perfect for keeping fruit, vegetables and salads crisp, and features sliding rails for easy access. The inner door of the fridge also has plenty of storage to accommodate bottles and jars perfectly.

At the top of the freezer compartment, a useful manual ice maker can be found, ideal for creating refreshing ice-cold drinks. The 3 freezer compartments can store plenty of frozen food so it’s perfect for bulk buying whilst fast freezing allows newly purchased frozen food to reach the perfect temperature quickly within a dedicated compartment without effecting food already stored elsewhere within the freezer. Thanks to the No frost system you won’t have to manually defrost the freezer as cool air is circulated inside to prevent any icy build ups.
With an impressive A++ energy efficiency offering lower energy consumption, this timeless FAB fridge-freezer will also provide great savings.

So, if you’re looking for a refrigerator big enough for all the family to enjoy and have a little more kitchen space than standard, the FAB38 could just be the perfect choice.

Available in cream or black (right & left hinged), white, pastel green and pastel blue (right hinged only) providing an option for every kitchen décor.
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