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Smeg’s iconic FAB28 is a true design classic and has been reinvented with an internal makeover.

Having become a cult of style and creativity, the FAB28 fridge is available in many styles and colours and today, is considered to be one of the most distinctive kitchen appliances in the world. It is no coincidence that this refrigerator has been chosen for countless appearances in commercials, international locations and on social media. Singled out as a symbol of design across the media.

Models and A-listers have been known to use to chill their Louboutin heels an aray of cosmetics inside our fridge, it’s been seen in the blockbusters such as Paddington Bear and you can even walk through our very special fridge doorway like Heston Blumenthal does on the TV at the Breakfast Club’s Major of Scaredy Cat Town Cocktail Bar!

The FAB28 has a strong personality and a unique style and has now been reinvented on the inside.

So, what’s new?

A full internal redesign with new shelves and door profiling the subtle retro curves. The new  LED  lights, installed on both sides of the fridge, mean a brighter view right to the back of the fridge. This FAB28 is an A+++ energy  classification. The new multi-flow system ensures optimized temperature distribution across the entire appliance. It also features a 0° compartment ideal for storing fresh meat and fish.

Thanks to these new features, the latest FAB28 upgrade is the perfect combination of technology and style. An appliance which not only looks great, performs well but makes that real style statement in your home.

Discover all the available colours here.