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Stand Mixers

The award winning Smeg stand mixer is becoming a style icon in its own right and is beautifully crafted with a die-cast aluminium body and superb ergonomic design. The 4.8 litre capacity high polished stainless steel bowl is a perfect capacity for all uses and sits below the 1000W direct drive motor with planetary action. The lever on the top allows variable speed control between 1 and 10 with the lower range perfect for kneading and the top end better for high speed whisking. In the box, there is also a recipe book and three attachments for getting started.

Additional accessories now include a pasta roller set, a multi food grinder, a slicer and grater and a ravioli maker. The well-crafted accessories take the stand mixer to a new level, allowing users to make more than ever with this stunning appliance.

The mixer is available in seven colours. For recipe suggestions click here.

  • SMF02BLUKnew

    Stand Mixer, Black

  • SMF02PKUKnew

    Stand Mixer, Pink

  • SMF02PGUKnew

    Stand Mixer, Pastel Green

  • SMF02PBUKnew

    Stand Mixer, Pastel Blue

  • SMF02CRUKnew

    Stand Mixer, Cream

  • SMF02SVUKnew

    Stand Mixer, Silver

  • SMF02RDUKnew

    Stand Mixer, Red

  • SMF03CRUKnew

    Full Colour Stand Mixer, Cream

  • SMF03BLUKnew

    Full Colour Stand Mixer, Black

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